Five Ideas for a Luxurious Wedding on a Budget

You’ve got champagne taste, but a beer budget. You don’t have a ton of money to spend, but you don’t want your wedding to look cheap. With these tips to create a glamorous wedding on a small budget, your guests will be blown away if they find out how little you spent. 

How to Make Your Wedding Look More Expensive 

Check out these savvy wedding decor tips to make your wedding feel more bougie without breaking the bank! Incorporating these ideas into your big day could save you big bucks and make a big impact!

Make your event sparkle + shine with glitter

Make your wedding look more expensive by adding a little dash of sparkle. Add glitter to certain pieces of your decor and it will add a touch of glitz and glamour to your day. Use glitter sparingly so as to not overdo it. Apply glitter to a few elements to draw visual attention to key areas of your event!

Budget Savvy Tip:

Check out online shops like – I found this gold German glass glitter that would be perfect for glittering up your wedding projects!

Blow them away by using balloons

Balloons aren’t just for a kid’s party. They can enhance your wedding decor as a simple yet chic way to fill a room. The secret to keeping balloons classy instead of cheesy is to keep the color palette simple or even monochromatic. Black and white balloons can create a black-tie feel.

Budget Savvy Tip:

Shop online for bulk balloons- I found some great deals on! 100 12″ Latex balloons for only $6.45 in a huge variety of colors!

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