Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test

A mere 3 months before my big day, I started having severe stomach pains that would leave me screaming on the floor. 

After many doctor visits and tests, we found out that my gall bladder was filled with gall stones was shredded to pieces. Off I went for emergency surgery only mere weeks before I was getting married.

Once my gall bladder was removed my life was changed. I no longer suffered from the stomach pain I had been dealing with for almost 10 years but there were other side effects I was still dealing with.

Imagine my excitement to find out that I could test at home for  96 foods including gluten, dairy, wheat, and yeast- all things I was curious about.

Everlywell is just that!  I ordered my Food Sensitivity Test and it was shipped right to my home for me to do in my own time no doctor’s appointments or lab time necessary.

I followed the directions of the test, pricked my finger and dropped 5 drops of blood onto the collection card.

Once I let the collection card dry, I placed it into the labeled bag, back into the included shipping box and envelope and added the return shipping label (no extra cost!).

I placed my kit into the mailbox and it was picked up and shipped back to the labs for testing.

The kit, collection card, bag and return envelope are all labeled with your custom lab number, which you register on Everlywell’s site and can track throughout the entire process!

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