How To Encourage a Love For STEM Activities

Encouraging early STEM education for young children today will not only help develop interdisciplinary critical thinking now.

It will also help set your child up with the critical, relevant skills that research says will be integral for your child’s future success.

What is STEM?

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are largely used to influence innovative solutions to our world’s problems. Day-to-day decisions are increasingly being driven by data, with 90% of the world’s data generated just in the last two years.

Why STEM Education is Vital for Kid

Early development is critical for future growth. Researchers report that the brain forms the most active connections during childhood. Nourishing a child’s inquisitive mind with new information supports active neural pathways at the most critical time of development.

Future STEM Career Pathway

STEM occupations grow faster than most other professions, command higher wages, and are required in non-STEM fields. Some examples of STEM careers include software developers, statisticians, and biomedical engineers.

Non-STEM Careers in a Tech-Oriented World

STEM increasingly integrates with non-STEM subjects, such as economics, finance, and linguistics. Higher education programs support STEM education for the professional development of people seeking non-STEM degrees.

Diversity: STEM is for Everybody

Society traditionally regards STEM fields as masculine. The National Science Foundation reports that only 30% of women are employed as scientists and engineers in the United States’ STEM workforce.

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