DIY Zootopia Plush Toys

My son and I love to spend one on one quality time together trying new things. It’s fun to watch him experience something for the first time and to be there with him as he does something new. 

With Zootopia coming out on June 7th, our latest mother-son adventure was to make our own toys inspired by the fun family movie. We decided to create Pawpsicles and The Big Donut.


- Yard Tan Felt - Yard Dark Brown Felt - Felt Squares in Light Pink, Dark Red & Light Red - Bag Stuffing Material - Needle - Thread - Scissors Swipe up for full list of supplies

Step One: To make the Pawpsicles

Trace & cut 6 of the circles from the Pawpsicle template onto your dark red felt. Trace & cut 3 of the paw prints on your light red felt, and 6 of the rectangle onto your tan felt.

Step Two

Sew the paw prints onto 3 of the dark red circles, either by hand or on a machine.

Step Three

Sew two of the tan rectangles together, leaving one of the short sides open. Repeat with the rest of the rectangles. Fill each of the sewed rectangles with stuffing, making them really tight.

Step Four

Sew each of the filled rectangles onto the bottom edge of one of each of the remaining blank red circles along the open top of the rectangle.

Step Five

Sew a dark red circle with the rectangle attached  onto the back of each paw print circle, leaving an opening at the bottom.

Step Six

Fill each of the circles with stuffing, making sure they are packed tightly. Hand sew the opening closed.

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