My daughter’s favorite movie when she was 2 years old was The Disney Pixar Animation, WALL-E. We watched this movie almost every day for a few months; she absolutely was in love with it.

For her 3rd birthday she wanted a WALLE-E toy. I went online and checked out a bunch of pictures so I could get this process started. It did not look easy, but I figured I would give it a try.


– Tape dispenser – Game Cube – Duct Tape – Hot Glue Gun – Metal Clamp – Bicycle tire – Plastic Pipe Swipe Up for the full list of supplies!

I started off by taking the Game cube apart and using that for the body. since it is the main piece of WALL-E this was my starting point.


I then worked on the eyes using the tape dispenser for the center and the plastic fence lining to go around them. This gave me the shape I was looking for.


After this I took a few paper towel cardboard parts and used that to glue the eyes onto. I attached this to the plastic pipe, which I then again glued to the back of the Game Cube.


For the tracks I used old bike tires from Bell and glued them to the side of WALL-E.


They were not very strong so I also attached more of the fence lining to this to give it the shape I wanted.

SWipe UP FOR FULL tutorial!