DIY Spray Paint Flower Art—Easy AND Cheap!

Looking for cheap and easy wall art that you can do in under a half hour?

I have the perfect project for you! Try spray painting flower art and have unique artwork for your home.


– A piece of art board, paper or canvas  – Spray paint with the color of your choice – Rubber gloves   – Flowers from your garden or fake flowers from a hobby store

Place art board on a flat surface (either in your garage or outside). I chose to do it out in my yard so I didn’t get paint on anything else.


Lay flowers or leaves flat on board and put rubber gloves on.


While holding the bottom part of the flower, start to spray paint the picture from top to bottom. Be careful to spray straight onto the board (not on an angle).


Spray paint all the way down, being careful to move your hand out of the way without moving the flower at all.


Let dry for a couple of minutes, remove flower and let the picture finish drying for about 15 minutes.

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