DIY Rapunzel Yarn Braid

Okay, I think motherhood has officially driven me into insanity. There are countless pieces of evidence to confirm this, but one of the most recent is the fact that I made eleven of these suckers.

The kids loved them, my girls use them for dress up all of the time, and they were party favors that won’t get thrown directly in the trash. 

Let’s just move on to the part where I tell you how to make these adorable DIY Rapunzel yarn braid/headbands. 

What you’ll need:

1. Yarn  2. Scissors.  3. Hot Glue. (optional) 4. Flowers. (optional) 5. Ribbon. (optional)

Step 1

Start by cutting your yarn.  For each braid, I used 45 eight-foot strands.  For the first 9 or so braids, I hunkered down and cut the yarn end-to-end, piece by piece.

Step 2

Then I had an AHA! moment, and put two chairs the right distance apart, wrapped the yarn around the tops, and cut the ends.

Step 3

Secure one end together with a ponytail, then find the middle.  You’re going to want to run your fingers through the yarn to make sure it’s nice and straight.

Step 4

Starting at that tied bit of yarn, braid the free ends for about two feet. Keep the sections apart to keep your frustrations to a minimum.  This is going to be the headband part of the braid, so feel free to test it on the kiddos to make sure the sizing is okay.

Step 5

Now it gets a bit easier.  Now you can just loop the headband onto something steady, and braid the ends together. Once you get to the end, tie super tightly with another scrap of yarn.

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