DIY Marshmallow Shooter

Every other year, my husbands entire family comes together for a joint vacation. The cousins play and the siblings catch up, a great time is had by all. 

In the past, we’ve done things like games, art projects and movies and this year my husband and I wanted to host something fun and memorable.  

We thought that building something together would be all of that, but it needed to be a project that was small and easy to take home long distance. After looking at hundreds of kid-friendly projects, we settled on making custom marshmallow shooters.

We had originally designed shooters with many different fittings but to keep things a little more budget friendly we changed the designs to all use pipe, t’s, elbows and caps only.

We cut the PVC pipe into 2 inch, 3 inch and 5 inch pieces with the cutter and placed each of the sizes and fittings into separate piles. We displayed the different designs we had come up with and let the kids go for it!

They come out pretty fast and shoot rather far. Marshmallows did get stuck every once in a while, but nothing that taking apart the gun or flushing with hot water couldn’t fix!

This activity was a hit with the kids. It was a hit with the DADS! A good time was had by all, and the kids were more than willing to clean up the mess in exchange for popsicles for dessert.

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