DIY Cookie Decorating Kit

The holidays are in full swing and ’tis the season of gift giving. My family loves to bring gifts to friends and neighbors this time of year, whether it be homemade potpourri kits or hot cocoa bombs.

We especially love bringing cookies. This year, we decided to put together cookie decorating kits for our friends and neighbors who have kids because not only are they a sweet treat, they are also a fun family activity.

How to make the cookie decorating kits

1. Start with the cookies. Maybe you have a favorite recipe, but you can absolutely use store-bought cookie dough or pre-baked cookies.

2. Next, fill disposable piping bags with different colored icing, depending on the theme. We used red, green, and white. However, blue and white would be so cute for a Hannukah themed box!

How to make the cookie decorating kits

3. Tie them with decorative ribbon or twine and make sure to include some popsicle sticks for spreading the icing.

How to make the cookie decorating kits


For decorations, we included many different types of sprinkles. Our favorites were the edible snowmen and tree light decorations!

How to Assemble

Wrap each of the kit items up separately for easy use, then place into a box or tin that’s lined with tissue paper or filler paper.

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