Color Street Nail Strips

As a mom, I have very little time to devote to myself but take full advantage of every single opportunity. I am a big advocate of self care and believe that a happy mom makes for happy kids.

One thing I would love to do is have bi-weekly mani/pedi days because I just can’t get enough of a beautifully manicured nail.

Imagine my glee when a good friend contacted me to let me know she was selling Color Street Nail Strips! She described them to me and I was willing to try them out and see if they held up.

My first thought when I  checked out the options was that the selection was amazing! There’s a nice mix of gorgeous designs, glitter, french tips and solid colors to choose from.

After using these many times now, I can say with great confidence that these are stellar. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Made with 100% nail polish, these strips are so easy to apply and just like any other nail polish, you just use nail polish remover to clean it off!

To apply, find a strip to match the nail you are putting it on. Then you simply peel the protective coating off of the strip, then peel the strip off of it’s backing. place the strip onto your nail.

I’ve been able to have pretty fingernails AND toenails for the past 2 months and it has taken very little time or effort on my part! Plus, as much as I believe in self care.

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