Carmel Food Tour: Eat Your Way Through California’s Most Romantic City

Last weekend my husband and I went down to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California for a romantic weekend. In Monterey County is there are a lot of exquisite restaurants to eat at. 

Carmel is known for their phenomenal restaurants and local art shops so we couldn’t wait to explore all this city has to offer. 

Carmel Food Tour is a three-hour, guided tour of Carmel’s most interesting attractions. The foodie in all of us discover menus and tastes our way through different restaurants in the Carmel Food Tour.

We worked our way through three different cheese samples learning all about the cheese and where they came from. This was by far one of the most entertaining experiences I have ever had. 

After The Cheese Shop we hit the streets. Staci shared fun facts about Carmel and its history which lead us to Casanova. 

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”? That couldn’t be more true about most restaurants in Carmel, but especially Casanova. I had no idea what we were in store for when walking up to this restaurant.

Casanova is said to be Carmel’s most romantic restaurant. We walked our way through this maze-like restaurant that was so much bigger than I expected and stopped inside the Van Gogh room.

After touring the Van Gogh room we made our where the chef prepared a dish of their Gnocchi for us to try. Their Gnocchi tasted like little pillows of Heaven. By far the best food I have ever tasted. 

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