The ‘Bridgerton’ Wishlist: Must-Have’s for Season 3 and Beyond

In a surprise to no one, the second season of Bridgerton was possibly even more highly anticipated than the first. Within days of its release, it became the number one English language series on Netflix. 

With the second season behind us now, and viewers more invested than ever in the prolific Bridgerton family and all their paramours, we turn our eye now to the future of the series. 

First Suggestion: Stick Closer to the Heart of the Book

When I say my hope is that Season 3 focuses on the heart of the story, this is what I mean. Lean into Benedict and Sophie’s similarities, and how they both feel out of place in every sphere they inhabit.

Second Suggestion: Include Anthony and Kate in the Intrigue

It’s easy to imagine Anthony and Kate filling this role in the next season. Indeed, the writers would be remiss not to capitalize on the tremendous popularity of their characters.

Third Suggestion: Once Again, Redemption for Penelope

I cannot believe I’m saying this again, but the writers do remember Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) is meant to be one of the romantic leads on this show, right?

Fourth Suggestion: The Continuing Sir Philip Problem

His appearance this time around painted the picture of an awkward, too serious but not unkind man and I really hope we get to see more of him in future seasons.

Fifth Suggestion: Stop Leaving Francesca Behind

Where is Francesca (Ruby Stokes)? Seriously. Season 1 had her off with an aunt in Bath practicing her piano. Season 2 had her present with her siblings until they all departed Aubrey Hall…and presumably left her behind.

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