Julia Quinn’s ‘Bridgerton’ Books Ranked

If you’ve binged the second season of Netflix’s Bridgerton already and need another fix, impatient audiences might find themselves turning to the book series that started it all.  

Though each book has many things to love about it, which one comes out on top? And why? I present my ranking of the Bridgerton books: 

Honorable Mention: Violet in Bloom

The short story follows Bridgerton family matriarch Violet during her courtship and eventual marriage to her late husband Viscount Edmund Bridgerton.

It’s In His Ki

This book in the series is focused on the youngest Bridgerton Hyacinth. With six older siblings who all married for love, Hyacinth is not willing to settle for anything less than that.

On the Way to the Wedding

The youngest of the Bridgerton brothers, Gregory, is convinced that when he falls in love, it will be all-consuming and all at once.

The Duke and I

Unlike the television series, which devotes time to the pursuits of the supporting cast, The Duke and I is relatively straightforward.

When He Was Wicked

The beauty and sadness of this book comes from both Francesca and Michael each grieving John in their own way, while slowly finding themselves drawn to one another.

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