Biscoff Ooey Gooey Dessert Sandwich Recipe #BiscoffSpreadsLove

Biscoff Spread is made from Biscoff Cookies. And like all Biscoff products, Biscoff Spread is made in Belgium.

Biscoff Spread is Europe’s alternative to peanut butter and is made with Original Lotus Biscoff Cookies– the airline cookie! The consistency is similar to peanut butter and is so delicious it can be used in many different recipes.


- Biscoff Spread - Cream Cheese - Dark Chocolate Bar - Croissant

Step 1

Taking your croissant, slice it open with a bread knife.

Step 2

Spread a layer or cream cheese and then add a thick layer of Biscoff Spread on top.

Step 3

Take your chocolate bar and shave the chocolate on top of the Biscoff Spread using a thin grater.

Step 4

Close up your croissant and place on a heated griddle.

Step 5

Heat croissant until chocolate is melted and ingredients start to “goo” out.

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