When’s the Best Time to Visit Hawaii? 

With its unique aloha spirit, volcanic mountain terrain, tropical rainforests, national parks, and world-class beaches, it’s not a surprise that Hawaii is a top destination on people’s vacation wish lists.

The best time to visit Hawaii is subjective based on your preferences, there are some factors most vacationers consider when planning vacation time. Read on and learn the best time to visit Hawaii based on commonly asked questions.

1. When is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii to Avoid Crowds?

Hawaii is the least crowded during the shoulder seasons. That includes Late April-May for spring and September-October for fall.

2. What Months Have the Best Weather in Hawaii?

March through September see the highest temperatures with the least amount of rain. Plan your trip during this time for the best chance of spending a warm, cloud-free vacation in Hawaii.

3. When Is It Warm and Dry in Hawaii?

Most of Hawaii only experiences two seasons. May through October are “summer” months, and November through April are “winter” months.

4. Does Hawaii Have a Hurricane Season?

Yes, technically, but not really. Hurricane season runs from June through November in Hawaii. Although it’s rare for Hawaii to get hit with a hurricane, it does experience four to five tropical storms each year.

5. When is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii for Whale Watching?

To increase your odds, plan to be in Maui sometime between mid-January and March. That’s the peak season to go whale watching since thousands of Humpback Whales migrate to Hawaii during this time.

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