The Best Tips And Advice For New Parent

Congratulations on becoming a parent! Whether you’re still expecting, new to the parenting world or just needing to brush up after a long gap between kiddos it’s a very exciting and overwhelming time. 

Overwhelming from all that you need to accomplish, earn and buy but also overwhelming thanks to all the strangers who NEED to tell you how to be a parent.

Reach out for help.

I know we ALL say it but that’s because we’ve learned over time that help is necessary in raising children. We have all been through the hardest of days, I promise that no one will think twice to help when you ask.

You will feel exclusive

You know that people have been having babies since the dawn of time and yet for some reason when you have your first child it feels like this is exclusive to you. It’s a magical feeling.

Make time for you.

Whether it’s a shower, grocery shopping, girls night, date night or sitting in the pantry eating candy so you don’t have to share…make time for YOU.

Take it one day at a time.

If you think too much about how long the hard parts will last or when you’ll EVER be able to sleep again you’ll go crazy. Take it little by little, I promise it’s easier.

You WILL sleep again.

I know you want it to be tonight. But even if it’s not tonight, it will happen. Try to snuggle up and savor the moment in the middle of the night every once in a while. You’ll be glad you did when they’re 12 and stinky.

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