The Best 3 Ingredient Shish Kabob Marinade

Grilling season is here which means we are using our BBQ almost every day. To keep things exciting we are always trying to come up with different foods and recipes to throw on the grill.

Last week we were running really late with dinner and decided to throw some ingredients together to make a quick marinade for the chicken and steak shish kabobs and let me just say, it was easily my favorite marinade we have ever used.


- Butter, melted - Dill weed - Garlic salt

Step One

Combine melted butter, chopped dill weed and garlic salt in a bowl.

Step Two

Soak mushrooms for 30 mins.

Step Three

Thread all ingredients for the kabob on the skewer and brush left over marinade over full skewer.

Step Four

Grill and enjoy.

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