Am I Ready to Have a Baby?  Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having One

Did you know, according to Bankrate, the average cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 is approximately $233,000? That includes everything from diapers to college tuition!

Before you get pregnant, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically. In addition, make sure you are emotionally prepared for the changes ahead. Also, ensure that you are financially stable enough to support a growing family.

What’s My Living Situation?

If you’re planning to start a family, it makes sense to think about where you want to live. Is it feasible to move into a new home before having kids? Will you be able to afford childcare? Do you have enough space for a nursery?

What Are My Child Care Options?

You might also consider hiring a babysitter. The average hourly rate for a live-in babysitter is $10-$20, depending on where you live. For part-timers, it’s usually $7-$12.

Are There Still Things I Want To Do For Myself Before I Become A Parent?

Before having a baby, I would recommend doing everything you want to do on your own before getting pregnant. This means going out dancing, traveling, and enjoying yourself. To be a great parent, you need to do everything you can to prepare for parenthood.

Do I Need To Fix My Relationship First?

Don’t expect your relationship to improve overnight. Marriage counseling can help you deal with problems before they become significant conflicts between you and your partner. Having a baby will not fix your current issues. On the contrary, having a baby will challenge your relationship more than you may realize!

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