9 Ways to Unplug and Spend Time as a Family

I try and get in as much family time as possible, especially now that my kids are getting older. The realization that they will be out of the house quicker than I’m ready for is something that weighs on my mind.

So how do you unplug? There are so many ways, many that don’t cost money. It may annoy the kids (after all, isn’t that our job? Ha), but I promise they will appreciate it!

Here are 9 ways your family can unplug. 

Go, Bowling

When was the last time your family took a trip to the bowling alley? This is a place that kids and adults of any age can really enjoy! Between bumpers, ramps, and different weights of the bowling balls, all you’ll need to focus on is getting in those strikes!

Play Mini Golf

Mini golf is one of those games that keep you entertained the whole way through. Let the kids keep score and even place a little bet. Whoever wins, gets to choose the next outing as a family.

Cook Together as a Family

How many times have you cooked together as a family? Whether it be something simple like breakfast or a little more complicated like dinner, nothing says family like gathering around in the kitchen.

Go Back To Board Game

Ah, I loved playing board games with my parents as a kid. When was the last time you dusted off one of those games and gathered around the table? There are so many fun games out there nowadays, find one you all love and enjoy a few hours playing.

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