9 Financial Advisors and Resources To Help You Pursue Your College Degree

College is undoubtedly expensive. Depending on the school, tuition costs upwards of $30,000 annually! This price doesn’t even include the cost of room and board, transportation, or everyday living expenses.

This post will cover some things you should look for in financial advisors and reveal a couple of financial resources that can make the college funding process much smoother. Let’s get right into it.

6 Financial Resources

6 Financial Resources


FinAid.org is another helpful website if you want to learn more about financial aid and the various ways to put your child through college without ruining your finances.

Additionally, FinAid.org also has calculators that let you quickly determine various things like: – Loan payment – Loan repayment – Loan consolidation – Expected family contribution – College cost projector


Fastweb is a scholarship search platform that lets you quickly identify scholarships and financial aid tools that suit your child specifically. They aim to connect you with these scholarships to try and make school more affordable.

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

Suppose you’re worried about whether a bank or institution is taking advantage of you in the college funding process. In that case, you can always head to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau for help. Here you’ll find answers to all sorts of money questions, including topics like: – Credit card – Mortgage – Debt collection – Credit report

Financial Aid Officers

These officers can provide a lot of support when it comes to paying for college and will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the college funding process. Not only can most of these officers provide advice on grants and scholarships, but they can usually also help with student loan debt.

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