7 Ways to Save Money When Homeschooling Your Kid

Are you having a hard time staying within your homeschool budget? The cost of supplies and curriculum for different grade levels can add up fast. 

For homeschooling parents looking to save money without skimping on necessary school supplies and books for their kids, check out these tips on how you can get everything you need while staying on budget. 

How to Save Money When Homeschooling Your Kid

1. Use Rewards Apps and Loyalty Programs

Don’t shop again without being rewarded for it! Yes, you can earn reward points for buying everyday shopping needs for groceries, pet supplies, retail, some restaurants, and even gas purchases.

2. Join Homeschooling Groups

There are many homeschooling groups across the web, and social media is one of the best places to find them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are full of homeschooling groups to support and give homeschool influencers creative ideas for homeschooling families.

3. Avoid Buying New

New books can be expensive, especially if you buy books for multiple grades. There are many websites for used textbooks to search through. You should also join several homeschooling groups, ask if anyone has the books you are looking for, and initiate a swap for the book you need with books you already have.

4. Look for Free or Low-Cost Online Resources

There are many websites and blogs by homeschooling parents who create free printable or low-cost online resources. These homeschooling parents typically have years of experience and make printable worksheets for their families and also sell them to help others or as a business.

5. Wait for Deals

It’s worth waiting for school supplies, books, and other necessities to go on sale. Don’t just stock up with what you need now. Think ahead and buy things you may need in the future if it’s a good deal.

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