6 Tips to Save Time and Money while Running Errands

I always wanted to join my mother when she ran errands as a kid. There were so many fun things to do! We used to go grocery shopping, drop off dry cleaning, run to the bank, return books to the library, go to the pharmacy, or pick up a paycheck (when paper checks were still a thing).

Now, as an adult, running errands have lost their luster. There is so much to do, so little time, and so little money. If you are constantly running errands, then you want to know how to maximize your money and time best when running errands.

Use Services

Sometimes you can save money by ordering online, especially if you are getting cashback from sites like Rakuten or TopCashBack, but it may also be worth it to spend a little more if it means less time running errands. If you’re trying to save money, every dollar counts. When you have limited time, every minute counts.

People On The Move: Use Your GPS

You can use your GPS to map out the quickest or most efficient fuel-saving routes if you are driving. Often these are the same. Planning your route efficiently will save you money on gas (no small matter with gas pricing rising) and save you time as you plan your day efficiently.

Choose the Store or Location with The Maximum Savings and Efficiency

Big box stores often have groceries, toiletries, and household items in the same store, and some have gas stations right outside. Some stores even have ATMS, nail salons, eye stores, and other services inside the store.

Know The Lay Of The Land

Having a plan is always wise. Plan your errands and shopping trips to make the most of your time and energy. Schedule your day so you are purchasing perishable items and heavy items last so you can go home straight after purchasing instead of having to head out again.

Use Your Time Wisely

Running errands inevitably means some downtime. Whether you are driving from place to place or using public transportation, you have some “down-time.” Use this time to either take care of other tasks or enjoy yourself.

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