6 Places to Score Cute and Budget Friendly Maternity Clothes

Statistics show that birth rates drop in times of economic instability – but that doesn’t help if you’ve already conceived before inflation and interest rates went up.  

One way you can save is on maternity clothes. Here are the best places to find cute, stylish maternity clothes, dresses, and more. 


Zulily.com has daily deals up to 70% off! There’s a “Baby and Maternity” section with loads of deals for your beautiful baby bod.

Stitch Fix

What’s unique about Stitch Fix is that it provides customers with an assessment allowing you to personally customize your style and measurements, so the clothes are sure to fit your shape and body type.


On Motherhood.com, you can find great deals on cute maternity clothes of any style. Prices start as low as $5, and there’s a variety of maternity clothes, dresses, nursing bras, postpartum wear, and intimates to choose from.

Old Navy

Old Navy is another online or in-person store worth looking into for maternity clothes. Old Navy has always been known for pulling together cute outfits for the whole family.


Target is a great go-to for affordable yet cute clothing. If you want to check out what they have to offer in-store or online, just search for “maternity clothes,” for over 700 results.