50 Activities For Kids That Won't BUST Your Budget!

The average household spends $2,482 over a year on entertainment. That number is a little jarring. If you’re looking to save money, free or low-cost entertainment can help you reach your personal finance goals and help you afford that much-needed family vacation. 

Have you run out of play ideas for free or affordable things to do with your kids? There’s no need to spend a lot of money to keep your kids entertained or create family memories. Read our list of 50 affordable and free kids activities for each season and every day.

Make Things Out Of Play Dough Or Clay

This is another great open-ended play option. You can also use things you have at home to make it more fun. Use tools such as a rolling pin and a plastic knife to flatten and cut pieces and use craft supplies like googly eyes and pipe cleaners to add to their creations.

Paint Rocks And Display Them Outside

First go outside and find smooth flat rocks that will be easy to paint. Then paint the rocks with pretty colors and positive messages and place them in parks or around the neighborhood for people walking by to enjoy!

Get Crafty With Toilet Roll Tubes

Make different people, animals, or a long chain necklace. The possibilities are endless with toilet roll tubes! Show your creativity and make something unique.

Make A Local Playground Bucket-List

Have you been to every park in the city that you live in? Check out all the parks in your area and have fun with all the different play structures and explore the walking trails.

Explore Free County And State Parks Near You

State parks have free or low-cost entrance fees and are a perfect place to spend the day. Pack a picnic, enjoy the scenery, and take a hike along trails in the beautiful state parks closest to you.

Have A Karaoke Competition

First pick your favorite Disney, Kidz Bop or other songs you would love to sing. The lyrics to every song can easily be found online, as well as karaoke versions with just the music and the lyrics. Have fun belting out your favorite tunes!

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