Top 5 Ideas for Father-Son Bonding

As a mom to 3 boys I just love to watch each of my kids spend time with my husband. They each have a unique bond with their dad, enjoying many different activities while creating memories together! 

With Father’s day coming up, we’ve got a few fun ideas that will help to create memorable Father and Son bonding moments with your kids!

Getting Outside

Whether your kids and their dad like hiking, fishing, camping or yard work, getting out of the house to spend time together can be magical! Without the distraction of toys or screens, kids have the chance to really enjoy one on one time with dad!

Random Acts Of Kindness

Anything from taping quarters to a vending machine, leaving notes of encouragement on someone’s car or even choosing small toys like cars or figurines from their toybox to leave at the park for new kids to find and enjoy.



It’s so fun to get creative and play while learning! Most kids are on a slime kick right now, it would be so fun for dad to help make some of that, make shadow puppets or make GIANT bubbles together!


Bedtime is precious in our home. My husband takes over most of the night time routine with the boys, catching up on what went on while he was at work. Reading is one of the bedtime activities that both my husband and the boys truly enjoy.

Life Lesson

There are just some life lessons that I can’t help with. Dating advice, car work (I know NOTHING about cars!), dad’s special recipes and shaving tips are special moments that dad can help with better than I can! I just love moments like these when the boys see the knowledge dad has and they soak up every minute with the ultimate mentor-Dad!

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