44 must-watch Julia Roberts Movies 

Julia Roberts is both America’s Sweetheart and one of the most successful actresses of our time.  From Steel Magnolias to My Best Friend’s Wedding to Eat, Pray, Love, and Notting Hill, she’s brought to life beloved characters and stories for over 30 years. 

Whether you rewatch a favorite or find something new, here are 44 Julie Roberts movies and Why We Love them.


In Flatliners, five medical students embark on a daring and dangerous experiment: to explore the realm of death. Their goal is to try to find out what happens in the few minutes after you die, but as they push themselves further with each subsequent near-death experience, their ambitions become more reckless until eventually there’s no turning back.

Sleeping With The Enemy

In Sleeping With The Enemy, a young woman is terrorized by her husband, so she fakes her own death in an accident and moves to a small town. But her past is not so easily left behind because she’s tracked down by her husband, who has followed closely on the heels of his own deceitful agenda.

Dying Young

In Dying Young, Julia plays Hilary O’Neil, a caretaker for a young man who is terminally ill.  She slowly falls in love with him during their shared time together before he dies from blood cancer.


Inspired by the success of Disney’s Peter Pan, Sony Pictures releases their own adaptation that captures a more mature Peter Pan in conflict with Captain James Hook.

The Player

Although a Hollywood studio executive plots out all the “happy endings” in the movie scripts he works on every day, his own life goes through an unlikely coincidence of its own when he accidentally murders someone. Julia had a small cameo, where she plays herself, along with 64 other celebrities who played themselves in short roles.

The Pelican Brief

Based on the 1992 John Grisham novel, the film follows young law student Darby Shaw, played by Roberts, and reporter Gray Grantham, played by Denzel Washington.   When two Supreme Court Justices are assassinated,  Shaw uncovers the truth and is targeted for assassination. Grantham wants to publish her story, but everyone else wants her dead.

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