44 Julia Roberts Movies (and why I love them)

Julia Roberts is both America’s Sweetheart and one of the most successful actresses of our time. 

Steel Magnolias brought to life beloved characters and stories for over 30 years. Whether you rewatch a favorite or find something new, here are 44 Julie Roberts Movies and Why We Love them.

1. Satisfaction

Julia Roberts’ movie debut, Satisfaction, follows a group of rockers and their band, Mystery. As they perform their first show at a beach one member falls in love with the owner.

2. Mystic Pizza

This romantic comedy is one of Roberts’ iconic performances. She portrays the character of Daisy Adare with such nuance that it almost feels like you’re in her head.

3. Blood Red

Blood Red tells the story of a Sicilian family who left their home in Italy, move to California, and produce wine.

4. Steel Magnolias

A young beautician arrives in a small town and finds herself at the center of a group of friends who are battling life’s obstacles and tragedies with humor and heartache.

5. Pretty Woman

In one of Julia Roberts’ most iconic roles, she stars as Vivian Ward, a high-class prostitute who falls in love with Edward Lewis.

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