37 Amtrak Routes to Explore Our World

Train travel is underrated. It’s relaxing, scenic, and environmentally friendly. Amtrak, the nation’s rail network, has more than 35 routes and 500 destinations in 46 states.

You’ll have access to private sleeping rooms, quiet cars, dining and lounge cars, and seating with amazing views.  You can bring your car, pets, and even can book a private space for longer trips. Below we’ll explore all of the Amtrak routes you can currently take in North America

Maple Leaf

Destinations: Toronto – Niagara Falls – Buffalo – Rochester – Syracuse – Albany – New York

The Maple Leaf train will take you from New York to Toronto, Canada, in about 12 hours and 30 minutes. On this Amtrak route, you’ll enjoy views of the Hudson River Valley, wine country, the Finger Lakes, and Niagara Falls as you cross the border into beautiful Canada.

Capitol Limited

Destinations: Washington – Pittsburgh – Cleveland – Toledo – South Bend – Chicago

The Capitol Limited will take you from DC to the windy city of Chicago, IL, in around 18 hours. This scenic route will take you through Virginia’s Potomac Valley, West Virginia’s Harpers Ferry, the Appalachian Alleghenies, and the Ohio River.

Northeast Regional

Destinations: Boston – Providence / Springfield – Hartford – New York – Washington, DC – Roanoke / Richmond – Norfolk / Newport New

The Northeast Regional is a great way to take a trip from Boston, MA, to Virginia. Starting in Boston, it’ll take around 12 hours and 30 minutes to reach Norfolk, Virginia. You’ll make multiple stops in the central downtown areas of New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, and DC.


Destinations: New York – Washington – Charlottesville – Cincinnati – Indianapolis – Chicago

Traveling from New York, this twenty-six-and-a-half-hour Amtrak route will get you to Chicago. Along the way, you’ll enjoy gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains, Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, the rivers of West Virginia, and the Ohio River.


Destinations: New York – Philadelphia – Lancaster – Harrisburg – Altoona – Pittsburgh

The Pennsylvanian Amtrak route takes around nine and a half hours from New York to Pittsburgh. You’ll witness the Golden Triangle, where three rivers converge, the Alleghenies and Dutch country. The Pennsylvanian also connects with Capitol Limited if you are interested in going to Cleveland, Toledo, or Chicago.

Carolinian / Piedmont

Destinations: New York – Philadelphia – Washington – Richmond – Raleigh – Greensboro – Charlotte

If you’re looking to get down south, the Carolinian will take you from New York to Charlotte, North Carolina, in thirteen and a half hours. Major stops include DC, Richmond, Virginia, and North Carolina’s capital, Raleigh. Amenities included on this train ride include a cafe car, Wi-Fi, bike racks, and the allowance for small pets.

Silver Service/Palmetto

Destinations: New York – Washington – Charleston – Savannah – Jacksonville – Orlando – Tampa/Miami

This overnight Amtrak route will take around 28 hours from New York to Miami. You’ll have the opportunity to stop in the beautiful Palmetto state or explore the southern hospitality of Savannah, GA. However, if you’re on a mission to get to sunny Florida, there are roomettes, bedrooms, and suites available.

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