17 Real Strategies for Managing Stress When You Are Burning Out at Work

There is no question that our jobs are a significant source of stress in our lives. Even the best jobs can be frustrating, overwhelming, and sometimes dangerous. Although we can’t avoid stress in our lives altogether, no job is worth damaging our physical, mental, or emotional health.

Here are 17 strategies for effectively managing work-related stress that won’t break the bank and will make you happier at work!

1. Keep Breathing

Take a breather if you have the urge to yell at someone or scream at work. Just slowly breathe in and breathe out three times. Let the moment pass. Swallow what you’d really like to say to the person. Then move on, mentally and physically.

2. Take Regular Breaks

Think about how many breaks a cigarette smoker takes in a day. You’re allowed that too! Step outside and get some fresh air or walk around the block. Actually take a break during your lunch break. Even if it’s only 5 minutes, it’s worth it.

3. Speak Up

You don’t necessarily have to jump to your HR department, but it might be a good idea to talk about it with your boss or direct supervisor. They may be able to make some changes to your workload or schedule that will alleviate some of your stress.

4. Turn to Your Loved Ones

You don’t have to go through everything alone. You can always confide in a family member or a close friend and share some of what you’re trying to sort out in your head. It can be helpful to get advice from different perspectives before determining the next steps you should take.

5. Get Professional Support

Don’t hesitate to speak with a mental health counselor or physician, regardless of your stress level. They can help you develop a plan to manage stress, find healthy outlets, and provide coping mechanisms to improve your overall well-being.

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