13 Stories for Kids That Teach Valuable Life Lesson

While there are tons of stories for kids to choose from, quite a few teach valuable life lessons to kids as they hear the story. 

These Stories for Kids Help Teach About: – Greed – Honesty – Kindne – Patience – Temperament – And so much more!

The Ugly Duckling

This story has become a top-rated children’s book because of its powerful message. If you haven’t heard the story of the ugly duckling, it’s all about judging someone by their outward appearance

The Ant and the Dove

Here is another short story about kindness and friendship. A dove saves an ant from drowning, and the ant can return the favor by biting a man who is about to kill the dove, which allows the dove to escape.

The Tortoise and the Hare

Another popular story for children, famous for “slow and steady wins the race.” A slow but determined tortoise beats an overly confident rabbit in a race.

The Midas Touch

King Midas was not happy with what he had, so he wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. He soon regrets his wish

The Dog and the Bone

In this children’s story, the dog loses his bone in an attempt to snatch another one. It’s a short story with a great lesson; don’t be greedy.