12 Super Fun Miniature Golf Courses in the United States

Does your family play miniature golf as serious as PGA Pros? Or perhaps it is a must-do part of every family vacation. If you’ve got a vacation planned in a new destination, or want to make it part of your upcoming Disney trip, this list is for you!

Miniature Golf Courses in Florida

We have to begin with the mecca of themed entertainment in the United States: Orlando. There are many golf courses here, but the location of the top three won’t surprise you. Two are at Disney World, and one is at Universal.

Hollywood Drive-In Golf at Universal CityWalk Orlando

When you park at Universal’s Orlando parking garage, you must walk past CityWalk to get to the parks. You pass over a gorgeous miniature golf course called Hollywood Drive-In. Its colorful creatures and amusing icons are part of the fun of golfing here.

Winter Summerland Miniature Golf at Walt Disney World

Though the snow is fake (or it would quickly melt in the Florida heat), the theming is comical, and you’ll giggle as you see some familiar holiday icons dressed in winter clothes and decorations throughout the course but with a tropical twist.

Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf at Walt Disney World

One is a par-3 and par-5 course that is harder than the easier, kid-friendly Fantasia Gardens course. If you want sand traps, hills, and a bit of a challenge, go for Fantasia Fairways. If you want fun characters from the movie Fantasia, go for the Fantasia Gardens course.

Putting Edge near Universal Orlando

This glow-in-the-dark miniature golf is on International Drive, very close to Universal. You don’t have to put on sunscreen to play their neon indoor course, where you’re protected from the weather.

Conservation Course, West Palm Beach, Florida

This course is part of the COX Science Center and Aquarium in South Florida. The miniature golf course’s mission is to educate its mini-golfers about ecosystems, particularly those in Florida, like the Everglades.

Duffer’s Mini Golf in Wildwood, New Jersey

Wildwood is a destination for summer vacationers craving a beachfront area close to home in the tri-state area. When you want a change from laying in the sand, head to Duffer’s Mini Golf!

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