12 Self-Care Gifts to Give (or Get For Yourself)

There are so many great gifts to give someone for self-care. Put together some of these gifts to make a self-care kit either for yourself or a friend. 

Any of these gifts will help you take time for yourself and rest, which everyone needs nowadays!


Journaling is relaxing and is so beneficial to our mental health. When we take time to journal each day, our burdens will feel lighter, and we will be happier too!

Workout Subscription

Working out is beneficial for your physical health as well as your mental health. When you work out, your body naturally releases the stress you are facing. Your muscles will loosen, and the tension will disappear.

Mindfulness App

No matter what stage in life you are in, a mindfulness app will help you tremendously. If you already practice mindfulness, this will only encourage you to continue and go deeper into your meditation.


There is just something so relaxing about drinking a cup of tea. The warm drink in your hand and how it flows down your body, heating you up, is just a great stress reliever.


Gardening is relaxing for so many people. And, even if gardening isn’t your thing, most people enjoy having a small indoor plant to take care of. It might seem like it’s adding more to an already busy and stressed person, but it’s usually quite the opposite.

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