12 Fun Learning Apps for Kid

Learning apps available for kids of all ages are either free or affordable. You can easily find apps teaching kids subjects like math, science, reading comprehension, spelling, and more. 

Best Learning Apps for Kid

You would be hard-pressed to find a list of best kids apps without Khan Academy Kids on it. A favorite learning app for many parents and teachers alike, Khan Academy Kids help children learn, practice, and improve their math skills. 

1. Khan Academy Kid

The Math Games for Kids app focuses on the age range of preschool math until grade 1. Kids can learn basic concepts through mini math games to learn counting and simple addition and subtraction.

2. Math Games for Kid

Moose Math is another math games-focused app that provides instructions in a fun and engaging way on different math subjects, including counting, sorting, addition, measurements, and shapes.

3. Moose Math

Super Simple Songs app is a collection of songs, classic nursery rhymes for preschoolers, and similar songs to what you would see on their Youtube channel. 

4. Super Simple Song

Star Walk is more than just stargazing; it’s an interactive and detailed astronomy app. When you point your mobile phone to the night sky with the app, it will show you the stars, planets, satellites, and constellations in their proper place from your location

5. Star walk

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