Most parents know the struggles of affording childcare. Regardless of income, marital status, or overall socioeconomic situation, we all have a hefty bill to pay.

Let’s face it, paying for proper, reliable childcare is like paying rent! Here are some tips that I’ve learned as a parent to help save money on childcare. 

Parent-Child Exchange Hub

Hubs can also save you money on childcare. Parents who are friends can do favors for one another, plan play dates or assist with birthday parties.

Church-Based Childcare

 If you have no intention to join, some community churches will still offer free to low-cost daycare, school, and summer camps or Vacation Bible School to families in need!

Ask the State.

If you are a low-income family, there is always government assistance. There are programs specially designed to help low-income families with childcare.

Shift Hours / Change Schedule

Whether it’s you working nights while your partner works days, or taking a weekend job while your significant other works weekdays, you both get to spend time with your children and save on expenses.

Sibling Discounts

Most childcare facilities offer sibling discounts! Most facilities will offer a 10% to 15% discount if you plan to have your child stay full time.

Find a Career that Offers Childcare

Another option may be to convert your home into an in-home childcare center. This comes with risks, such as having strangers pass in and out of your home, as well as children who may negatively influence your little ones.

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