10 Unique Ways To Get Free Clothes

We all need clothes. For many people, buying clothes is a huge part of their budget. Wearing clothes is a pretty important part of being human, and wearing clothes that you like plays a huge role in how you feel and is a big part of expressing who you are. 

Those of us with kids also know how important having the right clothes is to our children. Constantly buying clothes that fit, are appropriate for the weather, and that our kids will agree to wear can get very expensive!

Imagine what that would do to your budget? A little creativity and know-how can help you score free clothes for yourself & your children! Read on to find out the best places to get some free clothes.

Freecycle.org is a grassroots, non-profit website committed to helping people give and find items for free. Signing up is free, and you can check out what items people in your area are giving away for free. It’s a great website to help you find anything you need for free; free clothes are one of the many types of items listed.

Check Out Freecycle.org

Sometimes we have to buy clothes (you can’t get everything for free!), and when you do, make sure you are signed up for every rewards program there is! Most rewards programs are free to join (they need your email address and phone number to sign you up), and you score rewards points on the purchases you make.

Earn Rewards Points (and spend them on clothing)

Cash In Your Credit Card Reward PointDown

If you are spending money anyway (and who doesn’t?), then you may as well get some free clothes out of it. Put purchases on a credit card that gives you rewards points (and pay it off immediately), and then use those rewards points to get some free clothes!

Get Free T-shirts and Other Swag

Need pajamas or clothes to wear around the house? If you don’t mind walking around with a brand name on your shirt, then grab some free t-shirts or other items (sweatshirts, hats, pants, etc.) from companies who are eager to get their swag out there! You can sign up online to have companies send you t-shirts for free (these also make great pajamas!).

Enter Giveaways

This one takes a bit more patience and is unreliable, but you can enter giveaways to get some free clothes! When you have some free time, grab your phone and get on social media! Check out which brands are offering giveaways of free clothes or gift cards (which you can use to get clothes) and start entering!

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