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10 Reasons To Go On A Disney Cruise

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If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen that my family and I just went on a Disney cruise and it was every bit as amazing as I imagined.  I’m a huge Disney fanatic as it is.  I used to go every year, and that was before I had kids.  To put all of that magic on a ship and take it somewhere tropical was incredible, but to see my girls get to experience it was even better!

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Disney took care of our luggage, so we only had to worry about our carry-ons (side note: each adult can stash 2 bottles of wine in there).  We took the kids inside, where Mickey and Goofy were greeting everyone at check-in.  Our cruise finally began as we boarded the Disney Dream. As we walked in, they announced our name, and the crew members clapped as if we were walking into a royal ball.  It was the perfect start to a vacation that continued to impress us.  Here’s why:

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1. The Rooms

I’m not going to lie,  we had to wait longer for our rooms than expected.  The corridors were roped off for an extra 5-10 minutes, and we were hot, tired and crabby.  When we finally made it to our stateroom after over 9 hours of traveling, all of the negatives were erased.  Our stateroom was the size of a hotel room, with a king size bed, plus hidden bunk beds!  They surprised us by covering the room in birthday decorations for my oldest who had just turned six, and the surprises didn’t stop there. We had something fun for us every time we came back to our room, including champagne for the adults and princess bed sheets for the girls.

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2. The Food

The food. It’s like a 24 hour, all-you-can-eat, parade of food. One of my first stops on the ship was for coffee. I strolled over to Vista Cafe for an iced macchiato, and the delicious display of treats was not lost on me.  There’s also the Cove Cafe in the adults-only area if you want some added peace and quiet.  But I’ll get to that later.

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Royal Palace

The other main dining restaurant we got to experience was the Royal Palace. It definitely lives up to its name. We ended up having a lunch, dinner, and our farewell breakfast there. None of the meals disappointed. We tried meatloaf, pasta, duck, lamb, and an array of desserts. Everything was delicious and beautifully presented. I particularly loved the fried brie!

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3. The Entertainment

The fun on the Disney Dream began before we even left Port Canaveral, with the Sailing Away deck party.  Mickey, Minnie, and friends gathered on the deck to welcome us aboard and to say, “bon voyage,” to the mainland.  But, in true Disney fashion, the entertainment continued for the entire cruise.  Disney movies play around the clock beside the pool, and first run movies hit the silver screen in the Buena Vista theater.

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4. The Date Night Potential

Magic is everywhere on a Disney Cruise, even without kids!  Thanks to the Oceaneer Club (see below), my husband and I were able to escape for a couple of hours for a date night that only Disney could create.  There are two adults-only restaurants on the Dream, with a lavish bar in between.  Remy embodies an upscale restaurant in France, while Palo transports you to Italy.  That is where we went to enjoy one of the most delicious dinners we’ve had in a long while.  

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