10 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale

The Greater Fort Lauderdale area boasts beaches, nightlife, and a dazzling array of attractions for vacation-seekers and South Florida locals. 

10 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale

The first thing you see before entering the MODS museum is a huge water clock in the courtyard. The clock is at least two stories tall and fills with rushing water that moves the clock’s gears and hands.  

Museum of Discovery and Science

Don’t be fooled by the name! There is much more than just flamingos at this wildlife sanctuary. Birds, including peacocks, wander around the grounds freely.

Flamingo Garden

This gorgeous butterfly and bird aviary is an absolute must-do. Located just 30 minutes outside the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood area in Coconut Creek, Butterfly World hosts 20,000 live butterflies.

Butterfly World

This undeveloped beach is a hidden oasis in a state with miles of beaches, crowded hotels, restaurants, and tourists. Additionally, this strip of coastal beach is historically significant. 

Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park

Everglades National Park is a 1.5 million-acre wetland located on the tip of Southern Florida. 

Everglades National Park

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