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Dying eggs for Easter is something my whole family enjoys. As my daughter gets older and is now a teenager, we have dabbled in different egg decorating methods, including tie dye Easter eggs and blowing out eggs to paint or glitter them.  We have grown to love tie dye Easter eggs and it can be done with children of any age-even toddlers!


  • Hard boiled eggs (make the perfect hard boiled eggs with this recipe)
  • Shaving cream
  • Food coloring
  • Toothpicks (or a skewer, something with a fine point)
  • Bowl
  • Paper towels

How to make Tie Dye Easter Eggs:

  1. Take a bowl, add shaving cream and a few drops off food coloring to the it. Swirl it just a little bit with the toothpick.
    tie dye eggs
  2. Hold one end of the hard boiled egg in the swirled shaving cream. Then wipe it off gently with the paper towel. Turn the egg over and repeat for the other side of the egg.
  3. Now you have tie dyed Easter eggs!

Tie dyed easter eggs