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It’s Thrifty Thursday at Simply Real Moms, and I have found a very exciting way to save some money!

Have you heard of Good Karma Clothing yet? It’s a subscription service that provides busy parents with like-new baby clothes sizes newborn through 24 months.

We all know how fast babies outgrow clothes and how frustrating it is to find an expensive outfit buried in the closet that was never worn and is now too small. Good Karma eliminates the need to shell out full price for those tiny little clothes that are outgrown in a few weeks.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Become a member and choose a subscription plan. The plans start at just $27.99/month for seven outfits at a time (that’s about the price of one new outfit retail!).
  2. Within a few days, you’ll receive a bundle of adorable baby clothes delivered to your door, already washed in environmentally and baby friendly detergent!
  3. When your baby has outgrown the clothes, just send them back in a reusable, pre-paid shipping bag, and in a few days you’ll receive a new bundle of clothes in the next size. And if you have outfits you’ve bought that your baby has outgrown, you can send those to Good Karma as well and they’ll credit your account!

Good Karma reuses anything that is returned in great shape and turn anything that’s stained or worn out into new “upcycled” products like bibs, quilts and handmade stuffed animals (how great is that?!).

So parents, you’ll be saving time, money and the planet just by joining! Personally, my favorite aspect of Good Karma is not having to store outgrown baby clothes. I have boxes of old clothes just sitting in my garage taking up space!

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