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Veteran’s Day is a time to recognize those who have fought for our freedom. We have so many of our troops still deployed far away from their families, and they need to stay in touch. Gone are the days of written letters, we now have technology available for face to face contact and parents who are deployed now have the opportunity to see their children and talk to them even from thousands of miles away!

Summer Infant

Summer Infant wants to make sure that families stay connected and have provided wifi enabled baby monitors so soldiers can view their loved ones while deployed. How wonderful that a mom or dad can log in and see their precious little one sleeping?!

Summer Infant will be unveiling a brand new WiFi enabled baby monitor next month!
The innovative new Link WiFi Series™ delivers best-in-class internet viewing and is the only system that also includes a handheld video monitor.  Remotely control the camera from either your smart device or the handheld unit to pan and scan or zoom-in on the image on screen, use two-way communication, monitor the temperature in baby’s room and much more!  Designed for your peace of mind anytime, anywhere, the video is encrypted with bank level security whether viewing in home or away from home. 

Summer Infant Moniter
Watch this heartwarming video of one family’s experience with the Baby Zoom™ WiFi Video Monitor:

Summer thanks all soldiers and their families for their service.  You work hard to keep us safe, and they want to show their appreciation by giving away 100 products to help keep your baby safe. 

Keep you safe
Summer Infant Products

Head on over to Summer Infant’s Giveaway page and enter to win one of their popular safety products, including the new Baby Zoom™ WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System. Contest begins at 8:00am EST, November 6, 2013 and runs through 11:59pm EST, November 25, 2013. Click here for full terms & conditions.