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Having a family on a budget I’ve learned to get a little creative with birthday party planning for my two little guys. My oldest son, Brayden, had recently become obsessed with Legos (as most little boys do) and when he requested a Lego party I knew this was something I could definitely run with.

I too, am a Pinterest junkie. It’s amazing what you can find on there! I gathered a lot of my inspiration from the oodles of impressive DIY projects and parties. I was pumped and to the craft store I went.

The banner was handmade. Well … almost. With the help of my mother-in-law’s cricut, cutting all those perfect little circles was easy! Lord knows I couldn’t do it by hand.

Some cardstock, glue, spools of ribbon, and those nifty little double-sided scrapbooking rounds to bring my Legos to life, and voila! I had a banner. At $10 I was happy with my Etsy-like creation. I added some multi-colored streamers and balloons and I had my backdrop.

I made a few extra Legos and glued them onto some colored paper bags I found in the party aisle at Walmart.

One of my party favors was inspired by the Lego banner. I duplicated the same pattern, but just made them a little bit smaller. I took some small plastic treat bags and put in some crayons (that I stocked up on during school shopping season) and just stapled the “Legos” on. You can’t beat cheap boxes of crayons!

The plates, table cloths, and plastic cutlery were purchased at Walmart for $.99 or less. Score!

Making birthday cupcakes is slowly becoming a tradition in our house and a good way to pinch a few more pennies. Chocolate cupcakes was the order and they were topped with homemade buttercream icing. I actually just iced them with a gallon Ziploc bag.

I also had a few cardboard boxes, so I decided to make my own dessert stands by punching holes in the boxes and wrapping them in solid colored paper. One box was used for some paper cones I made to fill with goldfish crackers. The other for jumbo marshmallows on sticks, dipped in candy melts, and finished with sprinkles—a big hit with the kiddos.

The cookies were made with help from none other but the birthday boy himself. They weren’t perfect, but the memories we made baking them were!

We made some Lego heads using marshmallows and M&M’s (another Pinterest inspired project). Some of his Legos and a glass jar later we had a party game too!

Brayden and I also made a sign to hang on our front door to welcome the guests—made completely out of Legos.

Mission accomplished for one cool little guy.