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When we found out there was going to be an Angry Birds movie, we were thrilled. Angry Birds, like in most households, was a game we were all addicted to. I mean from the simplicity of throwing birds at basic structured buildings in hopes to knock pigs off, was something our whole family could play.


If you aren’t yet familiar with The Angry Birds Movie, here’s the general synopsis:

In the animated comedy-adventure, THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE, we’ll finally find out why the birds are soangry.  The movie takes us to an island populated entirely by happy, flightless birds – or almost entirely. In this paradise, Red (Jason Sudeikis), a bird with a temper problem, speedy Chuck (Josh Gad), and the volatile Bomb (Danny McBride) have always been outsiders. But when the island is visited by mysterious green piggies, it’s up to these unlikely outcasts to figure out what the pigs are up to.

Once the movie came out, my kids and I grabbed all their Angry Birds toys (which they have a lot of), and sat down to watch it. The movie was hilarious and created so well, it exceeded my expectations and the kids and I all really enjoyed it. It became a movie we started quoting lines to and talking about. It rejuvenated our love for the game.

So when I had the opportunity to jump on a call to talk to the producer, John Cohen, you better believe I went in with excitement (and nervousness). John Cohen has not only produced The Angry Birds Movie, but Despicable Me, Ice Age and more.

During the call John Cohen talked about many different things. From Angry Birds being a game he actually really enjoyed playing to what goes in to making an animated film. Did you know it took 3 1/2 years to create the Angry Birds Movie? Think about how much time, energy and thought goes into that. So many things could have happened during that duration of time, like the Angry Birds game could have taken a nose dive in popularity. So it’s basically a gamble that was well worth it!

I also learned that his daughter and a bunch of little kids were the voices of the hatchlings.


The hatchlings are my favorite in the film. They are the cutest things I have ever seen. Apparently, they had given the children a script, but the kids had their own ideas and completely went off normal dialogue, but it was hilarious and worked so well that they ended up keeping that instead of having them do the scripted part. I love those candid moments and the fact they appreciated it enough to keep it in the film. It makes it more personal and adds a little more character than normal scripted moments.

When asked if there will be a sequel, John Cohen left me with this: “There’s more in the character’s stories that is left to tell.” I’d like to consider that a yes!

The Angry Birds movie is already available on digital download but will debut on Blu-ray and DVD on August 16th