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Our Summer Journey of Firsts with Safety 1st

This summer was full of fun and first time adventures thanks to Safety 1st! Join us on our summer of firsts with Safety 1st and our trip to Washington, D.C. with #OurSummerJourney!

Our summer of firsts started out with a new, amazing Safety 1st SE 65 Air+ Convertible Car Seat. Wanting to keep my 3-year-old in a 5-point-harness for an extended period of time is important to me, so I love that this car seat fits children up to 65 lbs.


Once I got the Safety 1st Air + seat installed, it was so easy to adjust the height of the harness with the simple squeeze of a button:


My son’s favorite feature of the Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air + Convertible Car Seat is the extremely comfortable cushions on the sides of the head. His head doesn’t end up folding in awkward positions anymore when he falls asleep on our long drives anymore!


Once the new Safety 1st car seat was installed, we were ready to head off in comfort and style to Washington, D.C. for a trip full of fun filled firsts!

The first morning we were in Washington, D.C., we started the day with a lovely breakfast. Then, Christopher started celebrating our summer of firsts with his first time ever soaking his feet in a fountain!


Another day, we were lucky enough to take a trip up to the top of the Washington Monument. This was a first for all three of us! IMG_4193

The views from the top were spectacular! Each of the four ways you look out gives you a perfect view of a Washington, D.C. attraction–the Capital Building, Lincoln Memorial, White House, and Jefferson Memorial. These pictures show our views from the Washington Monument the morning we visited on our summer of firsts.


Our summer of firsts didn’t stop there! We had many more adventures in Washington D.C. this summer. Here are two more of our favorites. The next first for Christopher was seeing a musical at the Kennedy Center. Christopher was so excited to see The Lion King:


We were in the front row, so Christopher got to really see how amazing the masks and puppetry worked. Thanks to our summer of firsts with Safety 1st, we got to see The Lion King, acting, musicians and puppetry up close and personal!


The Kennedy Center is an amazing, beautiful place for all ages to visit while in Washington, D.C.


Christopher’s last adventure of “firsts” in Washington, D.C. thanks to our summer of firsts with Safety 1st was his first trip to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.


Christopher has always been a child who loves to learn about planets and all things outer space related, so this was a very exciting trip for him. He experienced an IMAX 3D movie about the moon, many hands-on exhibits. There were astronaut suits that my daughter and son got to pick up and even try pieces of on! IMG_4277

Christopher’s favorite part of the museum involved all the hands-on exhibits. It was full of children exploring all types of things and making great discoveries.



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I was part of Safety 1st’s Our First Summer program and received the car seat to review but all opinions are my own.