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School’s out (or almost out) for summer! But that doesn’t mean learning should stop. Simply Summer School is a weekly article that will share an engaging learning activity and tip for keeping your child learning throughout the summer. Learn the facts about summer and achievement at the National Summer Learning Association. Come back weekly for a fun, hands-on learning activity to do with your child. Next week’s article will kick off the summer months with an explosion! Think volcanoes!

Activity of the week: Go to the library!

To get summer started, head to your public library. If your child doesn’t have a library card yet, now is the perfect time to get one. Summer is a time of endless activities at your public library. Many libraries across the country offer summer reading programs and even participate in the Collaborative Summer Library Program. Libraries often will have different variations of the summer reading program for readers and non-readers. That means that even if your child isn’t reading yet, head over and sign up! Our library offers weekly, hands-on activities in addition to five, yes FIVE, story times weekly. Make it part of your weekly ritual to head to the library at least once a week. Find libraries close to you at the Public Libraries website.

Tip for the week: Read daily!

Going hand-in-hand with signing up for library cards, participating in the summer reading club, and going to story time, read daily with your child—even if your child can read independently! Reading together daily is the most important thing you can do to keep your child’s brain active in the summer. Make it a habit to read together before doing anything else every day. Before turning the TV on or heading outside, simply take 15 minutes to read together in the morning. Do the same at the end of the day; read to your child before they go to bed or even while they take a bath! For more advice on keeping literacy alive for children of all ages (with links to specific age ranges), read Supporting Literacy Across the Ages.