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Welcome to Emily’s Simply Made Series! Each post features a craft that looks cute or is practical but is easy enough for even the uncraftiest of people. Cute DIY things are NOT just for the pros! You can do it too!

I am sick of all of my furniture getting ruined because my hubby leaves his ice cold drinks sitting on them without a coaster!! UGH.

Oh, we have coasters! But there never seems to be quite enough to keep them all over the house.

I went to the store to buy more coasters but WHAT?! 4 Coasters cost how much?! Whoa. Seems like a rip off…

DIY to the rescue!!!

I’m making my own, darn it.

So Simple. So Cheap.

Here we go.

You’ll need
4X4 Tiles (Home Depot or Lowes) $0.16 ea
Scrapbook paper $5.99/book
Mod Podge
Felt (I had 3 squares of coordinating colors, using about half of each square) $0.32 ea
Clear Coat Spray Paint (optional, but I like a heavy duty seal)

BTW. MY total for 8 coasters? $2.42
(Total doesn’t include the Mod Podge or Clear Coat, and I averaged out the price per sheet from the price of the book of scrapbook paper)


Start out by cutting your paper to 4X4

I rounded off the edges because I love rounded edges. Feel free to do the same or skip.

Cut one for each tile. They can match or be all different, like mine!

Brush some Mod Podge onto the front of your tile

Then place one of the squares of paper centered on the tile.

Press down firmly, starting from the center out to the edges. Make sure and really push down on the edges, even wiping a little extra Mod Podge as you press down. This step is especially improtant because the paper will start to warp, leaving bumps once it’s wet.

Brush Mod Podge over the paper

All over it. Use your brush to press down any bumps or bubbles you see (you can use fingers too, just go back over it with a brush after)

Let it dry and slab on a second coat of Mod Podge.

Once the second coat is dry on all of your coasters, spray them with the clear coat spray paint if you want to (I did)

Once they are dry, turn them over and cover the back with more Mod Podge

and place a 4X4 square of felt over it, really pressing down.

When that is done, you are finished!!!


Enjoy an ice cold water (or bev of your choice) without worries!!



These make wonderful gifts! You can make them so many different ways, and you can make the super custom!!

Use photos instead of paper
Use Wine labels
Use a nicer, glass or decorative tile and just add a monogram
Use a map (where you live, got married, have family, etc)
Use wedding invitations
Use Newspaper clippings or book pages

…really? The options are endless!!!

For those who are wondering, the paper I used was from the “Green” stack by DCWV

We think imitation is the BEST form of flattery! If you make this or any of my Simply Made Sunday projects, come by and post a picture of it on our Facebook page! We want to see!