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I wanted to add a little rustic flair to my fall decor this year, so I set out to make some pumpkins that would fit right in!

These pumpkins are simple enough to make using only a few items:materials-needed-for-rustic-pumpkin-signs

2 round pieces of wood (I used two I bought at the craft store)
2 small squares of craft wood (found in the wood section of the craft store)
Wood Stain or Brown Paint
White Paint
Black Paint Pen (or sharpie)
Glue Gun
Orange Twine
Sandpaper (optional)

Start by painting the front of your wood circles white and staining or painting your craft wood squares & let them all dry.painting-rustic-pumpkins

Print out the design you wish to put onto your pumpkins.making-a-wood-sign I simply measured the size I needed and printed out the wording from my computer. Using THIS method, I transferred the outlines of the lettering over to my wood circleshow-to-make-a-wood-sign and then went over the lines and filled them in with my paint pen.painting-words-on-wood

Lightly sand your wood over the paint to give it a slight distressed looksanding-rustic-wood-pumpkin-sign

Hot glue each of the stained craft squares of wood onto the top center of each circle as the stumps for your pumpkinshot-glue-stump-onto-rustic-wood-pumpkin-sign

Glue your pumpkins together to create a sign!glue-pumpkin-signs-togetherTie orange twine around each of the squares you just glued on top for a little extra fall color.

These look amazing anywhere in the house-I added them to our hallway shelves.rustic-fall-decor-with-wood-pumpkins

This can be done with just one pumpkin or even multiple pumpkins! How cute would these be with your family name on them?! The possibilities are endless, my friends!