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School is starting back up soon (if it hasn’t already!), and in our home that means a HUGE cutback in screen time. For us, even a little bit of TV, movies or games can mean our son will have a harder time focusing and listening, making his learning a much harder process.

We also like to reward our son for helping out, being a good brother and for following his chore charts. Sometimes those prizes are one on one dates with mom or dad, sometimes its a yummy dessert, and sometimes it’s a little screen time!

We make a big deal about making sure that when we do watch episodes of a show or a movie that it’s going to have educational value for our son. While mindless entertainment can be so fun, we try to keep what we watch when school is in very educational. Whether we choose something that follows the theme of what he’s learning that week, or we go with a show about reading or science he is being entertained and loves his reward, but isn’t losing out on that time!

What shows do your kids like to watch that are fun and educational?

Educational shows on Netflix
Some of our favorites available to stream on Netflix for the younger elementary ages are:

Super Why

Reading Rainbow

Cat In The Hat


Magic School Bus

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Older Elementary Educational shows on Netflix

For the older kids, there’s a great selection on Netflix as well!


Jimmy Neutron

Odd Squad

Project MC²

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Inspector Gadget


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