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Recycle Week Kids Turn Trash Into Treasure

My family is all about recycling. I grew up with my dad who is an environmentalist, so we recycled everything and composted tons of stuff, too. We collect recyclables and haul them to recycling center. My son loves to gather bottles and cans up to toss in the bins at the center.

They don’t collect recyclables where we live and I refuse to throw them away. So sometimes they really start to pile up. It can present a bit of a problem:


But we’ve become inspired by the show Annedroids! We don’t have cable, but we are Amazon Prime members—Which means we can stream amazing kids shows like Annedroids. I had never heard of Annedroids until recently and let me tell you, it is the perfect show for an inventive, fun, creative family! Annie uses things found in her junkyard to create new inventions. Annedroids is available exclusive on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

So that’s just what we did at our house. Instead of loading up the car with recyclables this week, for Recycle Week, the kids turn trash into treasure like Annie does with her inventions on Annedroids!

You can take boxes and make huge blocks out of them:

recycle blocks

Or use any goodies around the house to build and create. Check out this airplane made from an egg carton, hair spray bottle lid, toilet paper tubes and more:


With a little bit of glue, tape, paint, and markers—and a whole lot of patience, you never know what your kids are going to come up with from what you think of as trash around the house! Kids turn trash into treasure and truly love what they make!

Here are some of the things I love about Annedroids:

  • Annie is a young, female scientist, who makes discoveries through trial and error. I love that she is a young girl! It’s great to see girls in science.
  • Annie and her friends work through problem solving and model asking questions. This shows kids higher level thinking and how to work through problems on their own.
  • Annie never gives up–failure is not an option to her.

I recommend Annedroids to families because it is a show that sets an excellent female scientific role model for children. It inspires children to be inventive, problem solvers and think outside the box. And you don’t even have to have cable to watch it thanks to Amazon Prime!


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