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I am so excited to share this project with you today! I’ve been in the worst creative slump over the last few months and haven’t felt inspired to make anything but as Valentine’s Day passed last month and I took down my adorable pink yarn wreath I realized I didn’t have anything to replace it with. I love a simple floral wreath but I was wanting something fun to hang on our door for St. Patrick’s Day. I also wanted something that wasn’t exclusively St. Patrick’s themed like a shamrock or leprechaun because to be honest I like to not be rushed to take decor down.

I decided I wanted something with a rainbow because I’m all about that ROYGBIV life. So I picked up some yarn and some natural rope to start something beautiful.

I measured how wide I wanted my rainbow to be and then cut the most outer length of rope to fit.

Then I laid out each layer under it and cut until I had 6 pieces.

I taped off the ends with painters tape about 2 inches in on each side of each piece of rope

Then I laid out the rainbow and marked a line at the top of where the painters tape hit on the first piece and then taped each piece so that they all lined up at the top (it doesn’t matter if the tape lines up on the cut end of the rope).

Next, I cut floral wire double the length of each piece of rope that I folded over to have a sturdy way to shape the rope.

I knotted the purple yarn around the smallest piece of rope and the floral wire, then started wrapping the rope around starting at the painters tape. I wrapped it around to the other end of the rope at the painters tape and then knotted it off and cut the excess yarn. I made sure the knot was on the back side of the rope.

Repeat that with each color in the order of the rainbow colors:

Peel the tape off of the rope pieces

Then hot glue the ropes together, making sure that the ends of the colors line up on both sides.

Next I unraveled the rope left on the ends. It makes a mess with the natural rope so do it in an area that’s easy to clean.

Once it’s fully unraveled and fluffed up I trimmed it to clean up the ends.

I hot glued a loop of yarn on the back and hung it up on my bare door, brightening up my entryway immediately!

I mean, you can’t help but smile as you walk up to our door, right? I absolutely love that it is a simple nod to St. Patrick’s day but can easily stay up through the spring and be used on so many other occasions!

If you want white “clouds”, you can use a white rope instead of the natural rope. This would also make a gorgeous wall hanging for a bedroom or a playroom, just measure and cut to fit the space you want it to go in!