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If you love pregnant women, a little drama, amazing fashion, and a good British accent, then you probably already LOVE Pregnant in Heels!

A reality show based around maternity concierge/clothing designer Rosie Pope whose no-nonsense ways won my heart over last year, season two is coming up soon! May 15 marks the start of the second season, and already from the clips I’ve seen, it seems it will be living up to it’s remarkable first season.

Each episode revolves around Rosie working with two clients in New York City. These clients are well off and always in need of extreme help. Rosie is the answer! Whether helping to finish a nursery, teaching baby 101, finding a nanny or finding an artist to do a nude painting of the mom on a horse (YES, that’s for real), Rosie always seems to handle every experience with grace and a straight-forward attitude. She won’t sugar coat anything, and always seems to find and sort out any underlying issues as well.

What makes the show even better is her ultra-fabulous assistant, LT! He has got to be one of my favorite personalities on TV. Not afraid of daring fashion or practicing his “dance release” in the maternity store, LT is the embodiment of being confident in who you are and sharing it with the world! He helps Rosie with some of the craziest of moms, and while he may cringe at points, he always seems willing to help!

Rosie’s job isn’t the easiest in the world, but it sure is entertaining to watch week by week as the new moms bring on weirder and more extreme demands requests.

Join me at 10/9C on May 15 to watch Rosie Pope in Pregnant in Heels on Bravo!

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